We had a photo shoot here at Sherakan in Ottawa .  Renowned animal and wildlife photographer, Mark Raycroft came to visit and as you can see, our babies loved posing for the camera.
Thank you Mark for capturing our kids looking their best.
See our kids in the " For The Love Of Siberian Huskies 2003" Pictured above is the front cover .

Jake has made the Front cover of the 2004 Siberian Husky calendar, Katana is also in the calendar.  Jake is also in the Siberian Huskies Weekly Engagement  2004 Calendar.    New this Year Jake is in the Siberian Huskies 2005 Weekly Engagement Calendar in Dec.

If you would like to see more pictures of Sherakan's Dogs.

go too http://www.markraycroft.com/gallery/dogs/81

Here are some of picture numbers of our dogs.

SB600, SB588, SB571, SB590,SB1536, SB646

You will get to know which ones are ours.


Shania in the Calendar 2007. She Is Miss December!

 Katana has made it in the Siberian Huskies 2006 Weekly Engagement Calendar.

Our dogs have been published in this magazine. Popular dogs Series. This is Xena on the front cover Owned By Our Nephew Bred by Sherakan as well as Indy on page 9, Serena and her litter mates running on pag42.

Dec Issue 2011

New Magazine 2012

Our Dogs are on pages 9,11,18,21,71,

 88-89 ,90 ,94-95.

Indy & Shania are in the Month of Nov in the 2007 Calendar For the Love Of Siberian Huskies

Indy is in Dog Fancy Jan, 2012 Issue on page 43.


2011 Brown & Trout Calendars


Cage and Indy  (Father and Son ) Made the Cover 2011

Serena , Angus , Shasta Litter mates Made the Cover 2011


Angel in the For The Love Of Siberian Huskies 2011 . She is on month NOV . Togo is on the same page.


       Angus and Shasta first row second picture from left.   

 Krystal in the For the Siberian Huskies 2012 Month April



These are the pictures that are in the Puppy Calendar 2012











Player is second dog on the second line. This is Player's first time in a Calendar.

This is the calendar that has Mother and Daughter and Mother and Son !

This is Hailey and Misty's first time in the Calendars and to be with her daughter Krystal and Misty to be with her Son Cage.

This is the second time this picture has made the cover of a Brown & trout Calendar

This time it is the Mini calendar !

Cage now has been in the calendars with both his parents!

Misty also made the cover of Dog Fancy Feb issue 2013.



Misty made the cover of Willow Creek Calendars 2014  Also Cage is in the first row and his sister Kyra

second row it's Kyra and Hailey third row is Krystal and Misty and Jake and Katana!



                                                                                                                                                                                         We have a Family affair in this Calendar

                                                                                                                                                                                          First row third picture we have Indy ,

                                                                                                                                                                                      Then we have Kyra his daughter second row third picture, Then Misty with Cage which is the Mother of Cage and Kyra both children of Indy.

Then we have Kuink with the Snowshoes which is Misty daughter as well.

                             Diva made the Cover 2015



                                                             This is Diva and Nikko                                    This is Phoenix and his big Brother Cage on the cover. Phoenix is a litter mate

to Diva and Nikko.












Copyright Mark Raycroft

All photos are copyright protected and can not be copied,

printed or displayed elsewhere on the web or reproduced in

any fashion without the express written permission of the owner.

Mark Raycroft



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